Brick Bodies Corporate Wellness Programs Are Designed To Impact Your Company’s Bottom Line!

Why Do I Need A Corporate Wellness Program?

  • Healthy, productive employees are a company’s greatest asset!

  • Over half of all employees have poor nutrition, are not exercising, have high stress levels and high cholesterol.

  • Physically inactive employees are absent 118% more than active employees.

  • Employees who do not exercise are 50% less productive during the last 2 hours of every workday compared to active employees.

  • Unhealthy employees have higher health care costs than healthy employees.

  • Health care costs are skyrocketing and employers are paying the price. In 2000, private business expense for health services as a percentage of profit was 58% after tax.

How Can Brick Bodies Help My Company?

Brick Bodies offers its corporate clients more than just a discounted gym membership! We are committed to providing each company results-oriented programming designed to reduce employee health risk factors to increase company revenue.

Brick Bodies provides corporate plans to match the needs, interest and budgets of all companies. Corporate Wellness benefits include discounted Brick Bodies memberships as well as a variety of wellness programs and services offered at the company’s worksite.

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